May 25, 2017

Here we go, rockin’ all over the world

Rock ‘N’ Roll, what a nice style of a music. Lately I have seen two really entertaining concerts, one from Status Quo, one from KISS.

Status Quo is one of the bands that I know, but not well. But the thing what I know is that Francis Rossi plays guitar the way what I like to hear. And because concert took a place in Helsinki (19th of March) it was now easy to go and see this band. Before it would been too ‘unknown’ group to me to go and make one day trip to Helsinki ’cause of this band. Anyway… This band rocked! Sound was heavier than I expected, but it wasn’t bad thing at all. Even most songs on the setlist were new to me, I enjoyed a big time trought the concert. Cool groove in songs, talented players, english humour and kick ass rock songs. Does good rock gig need anything more? At least I don’t. As an icing on a cace I shook a hand with Mr. Rossi before band left the stage. What an honour!

Then I saw KISS (4th of May). Well… I just wrote what makes a rock gig cool. But Kiss concert ain’t rock concert, it’s KISS concert. That’s why it was cool gig. Because this was my secon time on KISS show all the normal tricks did not gave the ‘wow’ feeling to me. But setlist did. Firehouse, Shock Me, Flaming Youth, Say Yeah and Let Me Go Rock ‘N’ Roll.. plus big hits… This was a cool setlist. Suprising in a good way! It was amazing to hear Shock Me live, since it’s one of my favourites from this bands 70’s era. There was some sings about this gig beeing secon on this leg of the tour, but so what. All the idiots who are whining ’bout some things.. go an do better! I think that age can be seen/ heard on the show, ’cause players are also normal peoples. It makes every show and tour special. I don’t care if  singer can’t sing as high as he did years ago, as long as band can put on a good show! And KISS does.

Two different concerts, lots of a fun, lots of a good music. What else girl needs?

Tomorrow and tonight, we can rock all day, we can roll all night


April 23, 2017

Ram it down, ram it down, straight trought the heart of this town…

Those words are from the song what started my first own radio show. Even tought Radio Trombit started two days earlier, those words described my feelings so well.

I was really excited when Trombit started. We are practiced a lot of things, technical and contents, during this school year and Trombit put learned things on the ultimate test. During those five weeks I did read the news, hosted different prime time shows with my classmates, edited a lot of interviews, did an interviews, took care of our playlists and shared funny, amazing, and memorable moments in and out of the studio. For my own show, B-Puoli, I did interviews with Phil Campbell, Bob Gruen, Bazie and Arde. All interviews can be heard at Portfolio page of this site. It was a real pleasure to talk whit these genlemans. After every interview I felt excitement, enthusiasm, happines and desire to do more interviews! As a rookie on this job, I felt that I did a good job and I was really pleased to my work. Of course when you do and learn more, the better you become, but in a couple of moments I suprised myself: my work sounds so good! I also interviewed Kari Korhonen about his work as a cartoonist in to one primetime show. He’s a only cartoonist in Finland who does both scripts and drawnings in to Donald Duck. It was kinda weird because I have read Donald Duck many years and all of a sudden I’m sitting in front of him asking questions about his work. Whit musicans that situation wasn’t that weird, because I have talked whit them before (not whit all of these folks who I interviewed, but in general). My own show, I really enjoued to do that! I had interviews, Rock history -serie and a bunch of amazingly great songs! The idea was to play less played and ‘unknown’ songs,  B’ sides (where the name of the show came from) and fan/ live favourites. It was so cool to do that!

When Trombit ended, The Show Must Go On was the last song, it was kinda sad moment. Or whole last week was kinda sad, feeling blue thing. But in afterparty and the next day I felt relaxed and ‘we did it’ feeling. Of course, if Trombit would have been a little longer time, I could have more time to do my show and more interviews, not to mention that more primetime shows hosting would have been nice to do and I might have found some rythym to my days, but well, the show must go on. Work practice, more gigs, more albums to listen, all this is waiting! And sooner or later I hope, I’ll do interviews and hosting.. that’s my dream and I’ll do my best to achieve it!

… Don’t hide what you feel inside, don’t let anybody standing you way


April 21, 2017

Things you can resist, things you can not, they’re just framed in blood

Winter starts to turn into a spring or winter has turned into a spring, depending what city you’re at. Eastern in Kuopio with snow and Helsinki time, before and after, without snow. Well, Finland is a long country!

But something isn’t long, and that’s a gap between gigs where I have been. Sabaton gig in Ice Hall, Helsinki Feb 24th with Twilight Force and Accept was a worth to see. Sabaton ain’t the favourite heavy metal group of mine (ok, they have a few cool songs), but friend who was unable to go, gave the ticket for me, and ’cause Accept, I took a change  and went to see these three bands. It was really nice to see and hear, after awhile, arena sized groups… and yes, Accept, after I saw them first time my interest to this group has grown, they are simply a band with a lots of cool, heavy and catchy songs! Stage show is simple but their vocalist Mark Tornillo has a lot of charisma and a skill to keep audiences focus on band! It’s always a pleasure to see bands and band members who are able to do it.

Next evening was all about blues based, heavy rock n’ roll, played by Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Why I went to see them? First of all: I have tought for some time now, that I want to see certain musicans on stage, no matter what group they’re playing. Second: I want to use these changes to go and see small groups from abroad, because when they come in Finland they play usually only in Helsinki at some club. Earlier, when I lived in Kuopio, it did’n make sense to go to a small club gig in Helsinki. Third: Mr.Campbell asked am I coming to the show, when I did an interview with him. So.. when I saw him plying with Motörhead I realise that he’s a blues hearted guitarist who I’d like to see again. Gig was in Helsinki at Virgin Oil and when as mannerly person as he is, asks am I coming to see them, it’s hard to say no. There is not a reason to say no. So there I was, enjoying their own songs and badass covers from Motörhead, Ted Nugent and ZZ-Top and having a blast! Club gigi, great atmosphere with feeling that both, band and audience, are having really good time!

And then Monster Double, The 69 Eyes and Reckless Love together at Nosturi, Helsinki March 25th. Both bands rocked. I had the feeling that musicans up on stage really enjoyed playin in there, enjoyment and thrill of playing was hand-touchable! Setlist of The 69 Eyes was perfect, for example Tonight made a return to set. Reckless Love guys were cheerful themsleves and in the end of the show, after The 69 Eyes encore, Olli Herman joined to stage, rest of Reckless guys following, and these two groups played, as a tribute for Lemmy and Chuck Berry, Ace of Spades and Johnny B. Good songs! It was really nice to see and hear something like that!

A lots of fun things has this rock music lover heard and saw in few past months. All I know is that the more is yet to come!

Party ain’t over till I say so… and I feel good tonight


February 27, 2017

I hate myself for loving you, can’t break free from the thigs that you do…

One week to go and it happens, Radio Trombit, our final project, before work practice. Busy, that has been a word what describes best my few latest weeks. I have spend enormous amount of time by computer, searching for band’s and artist’s pr managers contact infos and sending interview requests. And of course, I have planned my own show when I haven’t been busy with planning prime time shows for Radio Trombit.

It’s really exciting that our class will do broadcast from our radio studio for a five weeks, what is not only local but also an internet radio! Even we have done some smaller productions of radio, this is so big thing! I’m our station’s head of music department. It contains a lot of work, but at the same time I really enjoy all what this ‘job’ includes. Me and my right hand, together we are really well working machine, music team, and we have for example implemented our schools first music research and craeted a playlist to our radio.

Interesting times ahead, indeed. So far I know that I have interesting interviews coming in my show, fun music will be played and whit this class, anything can happen. I’m sure that no matter how busy and hectic next few feeks will be, those will offer many funny and pleasurable or, even enjoyable, moments to the listeners and makers!

… Loaded up an’ truckin’, we gonna do what they say can’t be done


January 20, 2017

We’re half way there, living on a prayer, take my hand and we’ll make it I’ll swear

Yes, indeed. This school year has crossed the half way and a really busy spring is waiting. But, no matter what, you can always listen some music! That moment when you can sit down and push play- button… it’s, not only relaxing, but enjoyable too. When you feel first rythms pouring from the stereos you start the journey to somewhere far away, in to the heart of music. You feel it, breath it and live it, and pleasure come upon thee. It’s so lovely feeling!

Lately I have listened quite many albums what I haven’t heard before. For example two Ratt albums, one The Rolling Stones and one Def Leppard album have been playing on my stereo. It’s funny that sometimes you know excactly that you want to listen bluesy, rockin’ groovy stuff and sometimes you realise it when you hear those souds: ”This is what I needed!”. That happened to me when I listened The Rolling Stones – Steel Wheels -album. Both Ratt albums, Out of the Cellar and Invasion of Your Privacy, were awesome. Sounds on those albums are at the same time rough & hard, but also sexy & enticing! Def Leppard’s On Through the Night were just like I imagine: The Def Leppard -sound is in there, but band is the diamond in the rough. Young, energetic power with good, even great, melodies are a building blocks of this album. I recommend you to listen these, if you haven’t done it before, and if you have, do it again!

Actually, go and take some album and listen it. No matter is it new or old, long time favourite or latest passion, listen it! Or go and buy a new, unheard, one! Anyways, one thing is sure, next I will listen either Bon Jovi or The Sisters Of The Mercy album.

I can feel it when I’m next to you, dangerous but worth a risk


December 25, 2016

Midnight Mover, coming in a night, going out with the light…

Autumn semester is over now. Christmas is here and so is well deserved vocation.

It’s crazy to think back this autumn, because we have done so much different things and learned a lot. We have done interviews, radio shows, edited sound and interviews, we made music video and news and have come very familiar with different equipment, like recording devices, editing program, cameras and radio studio. Few times I have been amazed how much I have learned and experienced in so short time! If somebody would have said a year ago that you will experience all this by the end of the year, well, I would have been more amazed than I’m now.

Our final project before holiday was to run our own internet radio. It was so crazy week.. one day didn’t had enough hours to do everything, but we had so much fun. It went so well and mates whit whom I worked were super cool! I want to do this more, much more! I want to do interviews and host a radioshow, that’s the reason why I study this, and the more I do this the more I’m sure that this is right thing to me!

…’Cause we’ll rock this whole place anyway


November 8, 2016

Get up, everybody’s gonna move their feet

This autumn has been really busy time for me what comes to attending to gigs. I have seen The 69 Eyes three times, Shiraz Lane once and Reckless Love once and there is more to come before Christmas.

The 69 Eyes gigs have been part of their Universal Monsters -tour and they have played songs from their fabulous new album of the same name. I saw them first time at Henry’s Pub, in Kuopio, and so far as I know that was their first time at there. It was so cool to see them there because, in the end of the day, it’s my hometown’s legendary rock bar and atmosphere at there is so good always! Two another 69 gigs took a place in Helsinki, first at Virgin Oil and second at Tavastia on Halloween.. That was awesome gig!

Shiraz Lane did their first headline show at Henry’s Pub, Kuopio and they proved for everyone that they have everything, what is needed to be a headliner.

Reckless Love was fun to see in littlebit different place, at concert hall in Pieksämäki. They sounded amazing and atmosphere was so intimate, even they really rocked whit a crazy energy! It was my 20th Reckless gig so far and I know, this is just the beginning… It’s always so cool to see them. Well, actually it’s great to see any of my favourite group, but I have followed them since their first album, so that’s why seeing them is especially cool.

It feels allright to go out to catch an outrageous thrill


October 25, 2016

School Days…

…I’m here doing my time…

That’s how Blackie Lawless sings on W.A.S.P.’s  song School Daze. But what I have done lately in school, well, that’s a long list. We had our first production practice, where we practiced how to do 10 minute long broadcasts filled with news and interviews.

Next practice period was all about sound and voice. In different practices we learned how to create sound stories, how to edit interviews and we record our 15minute long radio programmes. Everybody planned and did duo skidding and own skidding. Editing was really fun, I realised that at least to me, sound is quite visual thing… When I did this sound story, all these different sounds made me see ”a movie” in my head, when I closed my eyes. And of course, making a own radio programme was somethig so great! That’s something what I wanna do more, much more!

… turn the radio on..


September 19, 2016

First month behind

It’s already a month since school started and our class has learned many things. I guess that interviews, what we made, have been most thrilling thing so far! We have talk about good and bad journalism, ethical instructions, learned to use cameras, recording devices, ProTools and radio studio. Next big thing is news editorial rehearsal.


September 5, 2016


This blog saw daylight because I needed to learn how to use WordPress. I’ll need these skills during my schoolyear at HEO Kansanopisto, where  I study radio- and TV- journalism.